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    Chinese Glove dip equipment "quality assurance" glove dip line "affordable"


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    Gaomi Zhihui Machinery Technology Co., LtdTough, realistic, honest and enterprising
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    Shandong Gaomi Zhihui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces complete set of equipment for glove dipping. The company is located in Gaomi, Shandong Province. Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city in the East, 20 minutes' drive from Qingdao new airport, Weifang, the capital of kites in the world in the west, Qingdao Yinchuan Expressway and Jiaotong Jinan Railway run through the East and the West. The transportation is very convenient. Zhihui company began in 1999, after nearly 20 years of development and growth.

    The company's new full-automatic CNC glove dipping complete production line is an early enterprise in the same industry to realize the integration of equipment and mechanical manufacturing and electrical automation control system, achieving the combination of mechanical equipment and automation control part. Zhihui dipping equipment has the advantages of good glove product quality, high production capacity, material saving, fewer operators, high automation, automatic trademark printing, automatic demoulding, etc.

    After nearly 20 years of efforts, Zhihui company has become a large-scale protective glove equipment manufacturer integrating the design, R & D and manufacturing of glove dipping equipment. Wholeheartedly to provide customers with a complete glove dip solution, products sold to more than 20 provinces and exported to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and other places, well received by customers.

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